Cookout – July 28

Picnic Cadencies

A reminder about our annual cookout. There will be a pool and families and all brothers are welcome.
Saturday, July 28 at 12:00 noon

4300 Rose Cottage Rd, Quinton, VA 23141
(Google Maps)

Please RSVP at

The new Board of Directors will hold a meeting Saturday afternoon in Quinton, Virginia.  All alumni are invited.  Nominees for board positions are particularly encouraged to attend.

Directions from our hostess:

  • From I-64, take exit 205 towards Route 60 – Bottoms Bridge/Quinton, take a left off of the exit onto Route 249 (New Kent Hwy).
  • Go 2.5 miles, (you will pass Food Lion on your right).
  • There will be a Methodist church with white siding and a small cemetary on your right – after you pass it, you will take your next left onto Quinton Rd. It’s a very sharp left turn.
  • Follow Quinton Rd about 1/2 mile, turn right onto Rose Cottage Rd (It’s the second or third dirt road on the right.)
  • Follow Rose Cottage and stay to the right anytime it forks or another driveway joins in (on the paved part.)
  • The house is at the very very end of the driveway – about a half mile down. It’s a long, white brick house, blue trim, low roof. I’ll put signs or balloons up too.

Call if your lose your way. See you there!


The following brothers have been nominated for the Metagenes Alumni Association board and officers for 2007-2008.

All members are invited and encouraged to cast their votes via email by to Voting ends at noon on Saturday, July 28, 2007. Election results will be announced at the picnic on Saturday.

Ray Consoli
Blair Frier
Michelle Ringley

Brian Earle
Kent McCullough

Kim Clark
Rick Jenkins

Directors-at-large (vote for up to two)
Jeff Kendrick
Michele LeTourneur
Kristen Ruch
Matthew Williams
Gary Zickafoose

Note: Votes for the runners-up for each office will be counted as votes for directors-at-large. The association’s board will have 7 directors: 3 officers and 4 directors-at large.

Call for Nominations

The Metagenes Alumni Association is calling for nominations for officers. The positions are:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Directors (At-large)

All members – old and new – are eligible for any office.

Please nominate yourself or a brother via email at Nominations will be open through July 21 with elections thereafter.

Metagenes Summer Picnic – July 28

Picnic Cadencies

Plans are underway for the annual summer cookout – this year in the Richmond area. There’s even a pool this time! Thanks to our hostess, Michelle Ringley.

Hotdogs and hamburgers will be provided. Please bring a side to share and beverages. All brothers and families are invited.

Save the date:
July 28 at 12:00 noon – Quinton, VA


Overnight accomodations available.

More details/directions to be posted soon.

Founders' Day 2007

I just want to say how deeply moved I am to receive the Dwight Palmer “Pop” Ely Award.  For those of you who didn’t get to see the original sculpture, the award was beautifully designed and fabricated in concrete by our very talented actives.    I hesitate to mention names for fear of leaving someone out, but I hope someone will post the name(s) of the responsible brother(s) for this award so they will receive the credit they deserve.  The “Pop” Ely Award is proudly displayed in my dining room.

Saturday was filled with emotion and I was very blessed to spend it with many of my brothers.   It was gratifying that our first Founders’ Day celebration in more than a dozen years was so well attended.  It really helps that we have over 30 actives, but it was good to see all the alumni there, too.  I’m now looking forward to our summer gathering.

The entire Metagenes family would have been proud that our fraternity, as a group, honored the victims of 4.16.07 in a very dignified and touching way.  Thank you, Brother Consoli, for coordinating our tribute.  The plaque we presented at the altar in the War Memorial Chapel will forever remain part of the archives of Virginia Tech.

Thank you again, actives and alumni, for making Founders’ Day 2007 very special for this alum.  I will never forget this honor, and will be forever proud to wear the badge of the Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity.

In Brotherhood,


More Founders' Day 2007 Pictures

Brian Earle presents Kim with the Master Baster award

Ray and Joan
Ray Consoli and wife Joan Pryde

Brian, Matt, and Kristen
Brian Earle, Matt Williams, and Kristen Ruch, lounging in the shade

Kim, Ray, and John
Kim Clark, Ray Consoli, John Shelor

Allen McDonald, Kim Clark, John Shelor
Allen McDonald, Kim Clark, John Shelor

“It has the ring of…what the…Made in China?!?”

The feast
Aaron, Kristen, Shannon Follweiller, Justin, Kent McCullough, food

2007 Metagenes Founders' Day Picnic

Phil Buckberg

Founders’ Day 2007 at Virginia Tech (held April 21) was a time for Metagenes actives and alumni to celebrate our future, honor our past, and remember the tragedy of April 16. With most college activities cancelled, we chose instead to meet at Mike’s Grill for lunch (best burgers in town!). On the clear and bright Saturday afternoon, Rick Jenkins, Jeff Kendrick and I wandered the Virginia Tech campus, visiting the old dorms, new buildings, and, of course, the bookstore. We spent a part of the afternoon viewing the many memorials on the Drill Field in the center of campus. The events of last Monday have brought an uncomfortable, unwelcome sort of attention to our campus, and I think that part of my reason for visiting was to restore my personal connection to my alma mater, separate from the very public images that now define Virginia Tech for the rest of the world.

Group Photo

All of the Metagenes brothers still in town planned a wonderful afternoon for us. We set up our picnic in a town park, and the active chapter brought out a feast of burgers and hot dogs, salads and desserts. The highlight of the event was a presentation by the chapter to Kim Clark, our beloved alumni brother and, now, recipient of the Dwight “Pop” Ely Award. Rick Jenkins followed by welcoming the graduating seniors into the Metagenes Alumni Association, and proud new mom and current MAA president Michelle LeTourner quickly offered them all the chance to take over board positions! Finally, alumni Ray Consoli and his wife, Joan, invited everyone to visit the Virginia Tech War Memorial Chapel after the picnic, to present flowers as a memorial from the Metagenes Chapter.

Gary Ehrlich (Vitruvius alumnus), Michelle Letourner (Metagenes alumna) with Delta Sigma pledge class member Meridian.

This was a most special day for the chapter, who insisted on holding the picnic in the wake of the tragic events. Together, actives and alumni were able to put the formal, public mourning time behind us, to celebrate with each other, and to discuss our plans for the future. At a time when Hokies most needed to come together, Founders’ Day offered the perfect venue for all of us to connect and move on. Happy Birthday, Alpha Rho Chi and Metagenes.

Click on a thumbnail to see full pic
A proud moment
Kim Clark, Brian Earle, Matt Williams, Kent McCullough, and Liz Norwood

Metagenes Brothers
Michelle Ringley, Kristen Ruch, Nate Williams, Liz Norwood, Holly Harshman, Shannon Follweiller, Regional Director and Vitruvius alumni Aaron Feldman-Grosse in back

Kim Clark receiving the Dwight "Pop" Ely Award
Kim Clark proudly displaying the Pop Ely award

Distinguished Alumni
Relics from the 20th century: Allen McDonald, Phil Buckberg, Ray Consoli, Kim Clark, John Shelor

Jeff Kendrick, Rick Jenkins, Liz Clark Lerch, Mary Brady Deverter, Ray Consoli
Jeff Kendrick, Worthy Grand Scribe Rick Jenkins, Liz Clark Lerch, Mary Brady Deverter, Ray Consoli


Brian Earle, Matt Williams’ shirt, Kim Clark, Kent McCullough’s hair (above Kim), Liz Norwood, Nate Williams, long-suffering spouse Bonnie Clark, Michelle Ringley, Allen McDonald, Hyewon Kim, Carlyn Luu, Lexa Rio, James Harte and, in back, John Shelor, Michelle LeTourner, Gary Ehrlich and Joan Pryde.

film + architecture – fall 2006

The third installment of our F+A film series will kick off this Thursday, August 31, with Simon Birch. Based on the book A Prayer for Owen Meanyby John Irving, this film chronicles the life of Simon Birch, an unlikely hero who believes that he was made by God for a special purpose.

The film will start at 8:00 in Hancock 100. Upcoming films in the series are listed below:

Sep. 07 – River’s and Tides
Sep. 14 – Magnolia
Sep. 21 – Chocolat
Sep. 28 – Full Metal Jacket
Oct. 05 – Easy Rider
Oct. 19 – Gattaca
Nov. 02 – I Shot Andy Warhol
Nov. 11 – Garden State
Nov. 16 – Paris, Texas
Nov. 30 – Some Like it Hot

Congratulations Gamma Gammas!

Congratulations to the 11 new brothers of the Gamma Gamma Pledge Class! After a long weekend of pouring rain, lighting, and numerous other difficulties, they completed their initiation with flying colors. I’m sure I speak for all of the Metagenes actives when I say that I’m proud to call all of you my brothers.

I also want to extend a special thanks to our amazing alumni, especially Kim Clark and Rick Jenkins, for all their help over the weekend. We couldn’t have done it without you.


Alumni Association of the Year

At the national convention banquet at Denver’s Coors Field on March 25, Alpha Rho Chi announced this year’s Alumni Association Award. This year, the Metagenes Alumni tied with last year’s winners, the Daedalus Alumni. The award recognizes the sheer number and percentage of our alumni who pay national dues. Thanks to all the Hokies who paid their alumni dues and congratulations!

In recognition, the national fraternity awarded the Metagenes AA $100 towards future scholarship programs.