Common Q + A

Answers to Common Questions:

Is APX Co-ed and Professional


What does APX stand for?

>Alpha Rho Chi derives their three letters, APX, from the greek translation of architecture, ἀρχιτέκτων.

What is our formal name?

>Alpha Rho Chi (APX) is the national fraternity for architecture and the allied arts

What can we help with?

>Professional, social, and philanthropy advice/exposure. For example: portfolio reviews, formal and informal gatherings, and volunteering hours.

What does the rush look like?

>Required to attend two of the three open events to be invited to a closed rush event and invite-only interview. Both of which are required to receive a bid.

What are bids?

>Following interviews, current brothers of the metagenes chapter will discuss those who we feel best align with the values of the chapter and Alpha Rho Chi. You will receive a bid/invitation to start the process of becoming a brother.

What does time commitment look like?

>Chapter meetings take place every Monday at 5:30 in room 300 of Cowgill Hall. They fluctuate in time, dependent on what needs to be discussed or voted upon. Roughly 30-40 minutes!

>Philantropy requires 4 hours of service through volunteering at events: the Big Event, Relay for Life, Chair Sale,…etc

Is there a year or major limitation?

>No, Alpha Rho Chi does not honor freshmen over seniors,… We would like to give a fair chance to everyone. However, the earlier you rush, the more you can take away! We’ve had brothers outside of CAUS (College of Architecture and Design), including but not limited to Neuroscience, Nanomedicine, Business, and Art History.

What do we talk about at chapter meetings?

>Shhhh, it’s a secret!

What if I do not have the time for APX this year or im steel on the fence?

>In this case we still encourage you to come to join us at rush, it’s free of charge to you and we still want to meet you. Also, rush next year then!!!

What leadership roles exist in APX?

>In APX we have your eboard chairs: Worthy Architect, Worthy Associate Architect, Worthy Scribe, Worthy Estimator, Worthy Clerk. We also have leadership positions for our different committees; philanthropy, social, professional, and fundraising


>Here at Virginia Tech we are the Metagenes Chapter. Alpha Rho Chi currently has 33 collegiate chapters divided into eleven regions!

What does pledging look like?

>Quizes, timely attendance, and a passing grade!

What if I become a brother and need to leave/drop?

>We understand life happens and interest in other majors, schools, or groups may happen. Although not recommended or preferred, because we’d hate to lose you, current brothers can always request suspension.

If you have any other questions about anything we didn’t mention or need us to elaborate on anything, reach out and let us know! We are happy to help!