Alumni Update and Dues Notice

Here’s the text of the Metagenes Alumni Update and Dues Notice that went out this weekend:

Dear Metagenes Alumni Brothers,

Greetings from the Metagenes Alumni Association!  On behalf of the Executive Board, I am writing to tell you that we miss you, and to let you know about the many things we’re working on to improve our alumni association, our chapter, and Alpha Rho Chi.  When you read about all of the progress and the happenings, I hope you will be inspired and motivated to support our brothers with an annual dues payment and a visit to the chapter or an alumni event.

Check out the Metagenes Alumni Association page on Facebook, and at, to keep up with news, schedules, and other information.

Dues and Donations

It’s been a while since we collected dues or asked for donations, but we need your help now for ongoing and upcoming expenses:

  • APX Annual Convention delegate registration fee
  • Metagenes Alumni Association annual fee for our registered agent
  • Metagenes Alumni Association annual dues to the Grand Council
  • One-time IRS fee to reinstate our tax-exempt status
  • Occasional support for the chapter (initiation expenses, etc.)


APX is looking for ways to engage alumni across the nation, and alumni associations will be a big part of that.  We have a lot of new chapters who want to create their own alumni associations, and a lot of new alumni looking for ways to connect.  Metagenes can be at the front of that movement, providing connections, best practices and other wisdom to help new alumni and new alumni organizations get going.  That can lead to networking and other professional opportunities as well as to social events and possibilities.

Locally, we still have the same priorities we’ve always had:

  • Keep in touch with each other
  • Keep the chapter strong


  1. Please pay your 2016 Annual Dues of $40 by visiting our website at and clicking “Metagenes Alumni Dues” (or you can go directly to
  2. Join the Metagenes Alumni Association page on Facebook.
  3. Send us your email address so we can keep you up to date if you’re not on Facebook.
  4. Come to an event!
  5. Let us know how brothers can help brothers!

Fidelitas, Amor, et Artes,

Phil Buckberg

President, Metagenes Alumni Association