APX Goes Climbing

Come join your Brothers for a morning of rock climbing followed by lunch/drinks. We’ve booked a space at Earth Treks climbing gym in Crystal City (Northern Virginia) from 10-12 am on Sunday February 18th. Cost is $25 per person and includes all the necessary equipment as well as instruction.

It’s an indoor facility so there’s no need to worry about the weather. The space accommodates climbers of all levels and instructors will be on hand to help, so don’t worry if you’ve never been climbing before. It’s safe, it’s easy, and it’s fun.

Afterwards we’ll be heading down the street to Highline RxR for lunch. Even if you can’t join us for climbing, you can meet as there at 12:30 for some food and your beverage of choice.

Space is limited, and is first come first serve, so don’t wait to sign up. Your space is not reserved until you’ve sent your $25. Please follow the link below to RSVP


Proposed New Bylaws

The Metagenes Alumni Association’s current governing documents were adopted in February 2001 with the title “Provisional Bylaws.” Returning to that unfinished work, the association’s board has drafted new bylaws that are simpler and more regular. These new proposed bylaws for the Metagenes Alumni Association are submitted for ratification by a general meeting of the association membership to be held in February 2018.

Proposed Bylaws of the Metagenes Alumni Association

Changes from the previous bylaws include:

  • Requiring an annual meeting of the association’s membership
  • Terms for officers and directors-at-large are two years.
  • Elections for President, Secretary on even years and for Treasurer on odd years. Director-at-large terms would be staggered as well.

The board welcomes your comments on these proposed bylaws. Amendments to the proposed bylaws may also be submitted for consideration prior to the vote for ratification.

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Metagenes Meet-up at the APX 2016 Convention in Charlotte, NC?


The 2016 Alpha Rho Chi Convention is meeting in Charlotte, NC, as close to Blacksburg as the Convention has ever come.  Who’s up for a Metagenation meet-up?  Click here to visit the APX website convention page and find out more about registration, accommodations, and the agenda.  You can spend the weekend without being a registered attendee, or you can visit for a day and hang out with brothers.  Email me if you’re interested, and we’ll start to put a plan together: alumni@metagenes.org.  – Phil

Alumni Update and Dues Notice

Here’s the text of the Metagenes Alumni Update and Dues Notice that went out this weekend:

Dear Metagenes Alumni Brothers,

Greetings from the Metagenes Alumni Association!  On behalf of the Executive Board, I am writing to tell you that we miss you, and to let you know about the many things we’re working on to improve our alumni association, our chapter, and Alpha Rho Chi.  When you read about all of the progress and the happenings, I hope you will be inspired and motivated to support our brothers with an annual dues payment and a visit to the chapter or an alumni event.

Check out the Metagenes Alumni Association page on Facebook, and at www.metagenes.org/alumni-news, to keep up with news, schedules, and other information.

Dues and Donations

It’s been a while since we collected dues or asked for donations, but we need your help now for ongoing and upcoming expenses:

  • APX Annual Convention delegate registration fee
  • Metagenes Alumni Association annual fee for our registered agent
  • Metagenes Alumni Association annual dues to the Grand Council
  • One-time IRS fee to reinstate our tax-exempt status
  • Occasional support for the chapter (initiation expenses, etc.)


APX is looking for ways to engage alumni across the nation, and alumni associations will be a big part of that.  We have a lot of new chapters who want to create their own alumni associations, and a lot of new alumni looking for ways to connect.  Metagenes can be at the front of that movement, providing connections, best practices and other wisdom to help new alumni and new alumni organizations get going.  That can lead to networking and other professional opportunities as well as to social events and possibilities.

Locally, we still have the same priorities we’ve always had:

  • Keep in touch with each other
  • Keep the chapter strong


  1. Please pay your 2016 Annual Dues of $40 by visiting our website at metagenes.org and clicking “Metagenes Alumni Dues” (or you can go directly to http://metagenes.org/dues/.)
  2. Join the Metagenes Alumni Association page on Facebook.
  3. Send us your email address so we can keep you up to date if you’re not on Facebook.
  4. Come to an event!
  5. Let us know how brothers can help brothers!

Fidelitas, Amor, et Artes,

Phil Buckberg

President, Metagenes Alumni Association

Alumni Association Welcomes New Board Members

September Board Meeting. Board members from left to right: Brian Earle, Director; Carlyn Luu, Director; Michele LeTourneur, Director; Chris Jones, Director; and Phil Buckburg, President

Brothers, I am happy to report that we have completed the orderly transition of leadership from the incomparable Michele LeTourneur to me, Phil Buckberg. This is my second time as president of the Metagenes Alumni Association. The first time was many years ago, pre-internet, when our means of communication were phone calls and newsletters. This time, I am taking over one of APX’s most active and organized AA’s, with the intention of building on our successes and becoming an even better organization.

First things first: many, many thanks to Michele for her leadership as president these past 15 years as our president. More than just the person in the position, Michele has done the work, made the calls, drove the miles, fed the masses, filed the forms, etc., etc., etc. She would be a tougher act to follow if she didn’t also have all the notes, papers, and forms ready for me , so we can continue in the right direction. So, again I say, thanks, Michele!

Thanks as well to outgoing board members Hunter Bristow, Gary Zickafoose, Rick Jenkins, and Michelle Ringley Campbell. Thanks much to those who are staying on: Brian Earle, Mary Deverter, and Michele LeTourner. And welcome to new board members Carlyn Luu, Chris Jones, and Jennifer Burchard.

These next few years have the potential to be rewarding times for Alpha Rho Chi alumni. I’ve been involved in some alumni development work recently, with one goal (among many) of making APX a more relevant organization for all brothers, not just active students and handfuls of alumni. Think “What can APX do for you?” because you may well be asked that question sometime soon!

Thanks again – more to come.

Phil Buckberg


September Board Meeting. Board Members from left to right: Brian Earle, Carlyn Luu, Michele LeTourneur, Chris Jones, and Phil Buckberg

Happy Hour Surprise!

We had a blast at the last DC area APX Happy Hour, held two weeks ago. With 10 Brothers in total, we had representatives from Metagenes, Hemiunu, Hadrian, in addition to THREE(!) Grand Council members.  Big thanks to Rick Jenkins (former WGS), Emily Bowers (WGE), and Kirsten Argalas (new WGS) for joining us at Levante’s in Dupont!  It’s always great to catch up with this group, we don’t do it often enough.

2014 Summer Picnic

If you are in the DC area on Saturday July 19th, please join us for the APX DC summer picnic.
All brothers and colonists are invited. Significant others and family members are welcome.

Saturday June 30th
Noon – 6pm [or later]
9109 Coronado Terrace
Fairfax VA 22031

Drinks will be provided, but food is pot luck.  So bring something to share!

If you can come, please RSVP on the Facebook or directly to Michelle LeTourneur at mletourneur@asyminteriors.com so we know you are coming.

Hope to see you there!

2012 Summer Picnic – June 30

2012 Picnic Graphic

If you are in the DC area on Saturday June 30th, please join us for the Metagenes Alumni Association summer picnic.
All brothers and colonists are invited. Significant others and family members are welcome.

Saturday June 30th
Noon – 6pm [or later]
9109 Coronado Terrace
Fairfax VA 22031

If you can come, please RSVP on the APX DC Summer Picnic Event Page or directly to Michelle LeTourneur at mletourneur@asyminteriors.com so we know you are coming.

Hope to see you there!