Our first Shack!

From April 7th-14th, Metagenes participated in Habitat for Humanity’s fundraiser, Shack-A-Thon for the first time. The rules for the event include the build of a 8’x8’x8′ shack and at least one person from the organization be in the shack at all times, including over night! We had a very successful showing for our first time, winning:

Best Built: First Place

Best Design: Third Place

Overall: Fifth Place


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Metagenes 50th Anniversary

Metagenes 50th Banquet – April 7th, 2019

On March 23rd, 2019 our Chapter celebrated its 50th anniversary! The weekend of April 5th-7th, Alumni came back to Blacksburg to celebrate with the Collegiate Brothers, with a banquet, hike and brunch.

February 2016 Resume Workshop

This past Saturday, February 6 2016, the Metagenes Alumni Association held the second annual Resume Workshop for active brothers.  We reviewed resumes, provided edits and suggestions, and helped brothers prepare for life outside Cowgill.  Special thanks to Chris Jones for conceiving of and organizing the workshop, and to Michele LeTourneur, Hunter Bristow, and Phil Buckberg for conducting reviews.  Thanks also to the chapter for securing Cowgill 300 and for arriving with some very impressive resumes as well as with coffee and donuts!

Pledgebook Covers

The tradition of pledge book covers is as old as the Metagenes Chapter. Each class of prospective members has produced a cover or container design to protect their copies of The Archi Pledge. Although the designs have ranged in materials from chipboard to aluminum to plexiglass to cloth or in size from over a 12-in square to more recent compact designs, each has represented a generation of brothers of the fraternity.

Here’s a gallery of pledge book designs. If you don’t see yours, send us a photo!

Thanks to Kent McCullough for many of these scans.

the meta-historical project

Kent McCullough and Michele LeTourneur are assembling artifacts and memories from past generations.

If you have any items (photo, poster, graphic, newsletter, pledge books, etc) they would love to get it to use it for the MetaHistorical Project.

The intent is to create a historical graphic database by scanning or photographing the image and storing it for future generations.
It’s an ambitious undertaking and can use your help by sending any item you have; the item will be returned if requested.

Please send any item to:

Michele LeTourneur
Please let her know if you want it returned.