Chiravi Patel – 2021 Kim Clark Scholar

The Metagenes Alumni Association is pleased to announce that Chiravi Patel is the recipient of this year’s Kim Clark Scholarship, valued at $500.know the risks

The scholarship committee based her selection as Kim Clark Scholar primarily on the recommendations shared by members of the active chapter. Those recommendations noted how Chiravi is “one of the busiest people I know, but always willing to drop everything to help other brothers.” Someone that members of the chapter “can undoubtedly always count on,” many of her contributions to keeping the chapter running were made anonymously behind the scenes. Since she would “never boast or brag about all she has accomplished,” multiple members were worried that her hard work and acts of kindness had gone unnoticed.

“Chiravi’s devolution, commitment, and love to the Metagenes Chapter is exhibited on a daily basis. She is the one that helps you feed paper into the printer in the wee hours of the night for your pinup the next day; she is the one to volunteer to cut the bid cubes when no one else will; she is the brother that will bake you cookies when she catches wind that you have had a terrible day; she is the one that holds your hand and consoles you after a rough pinup; she is the person in studio that is the most generous with her time when she has absolutely no time to give.”

The Kim Clark Scholarship is awarded each year to a collegiate member of Metagenes Chapter in recognition of dedication and service to the chapter and that brother’s character as a student and as a member of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity. Brother Patel is the tenth Kim Clark Scholar since 2012 and exemplifies the tradition set by Brother Clark.