Proposed New Bylaws

The Metagenes Alumni Association’s current governing documents were adopted in February 2001 with the title “Provisional Bylaws.” Returning to that unfinished work, the association’s board has drafted new bylaws that are simpler and more regular. These new proposed bylaws for the Metagenes Alumni Association are submitted for ratification by a general meeting of the association membership to be held in February 2018.

Proposed Bylaws of the Metagenes Alumni Association

Changes from the previous bylaws include:

  • Requiring an annual meeting of the association’s membership
  • Terms for officers and directors-at-large are two years.
  • Elections for President, Secretary on even years and for Treasurer on odd years. Director-at-large terms would be staggered as well.

The board welcomes your comments on these proposed bylaws. Amendments to the proposed bylaws may also be submitted for consideration prior to the vote for ratification.

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One Reply to “Proposed New Bylaws”

  1. Chris, this looks good to me. I would be interested in seeing the previous document with “track changes” turned on just for historical perspective…it’s been several decades since I had access to any APX documents. Nonetheless, thank you for carrying on our flag. If you ever are in Phoenix, please let me know. My mobile is 602-585-4022.

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