Metagenes Constitution and By-Laws

This past year the Executive Board formed a committee to review our constitution and by-laws, and more specifically the election terms and procedures for our association.  As you can imagine, we were quite surprised to find out that neither our constitution or by-laws have been formally approved by the Association.  They have been “Provisional” for almost 10 years now.

Over the last few months, the committee (and by Committee we mean Michele) reviewed the documents with the National Fraternity and has proposed a series of minor modifications to bring the documents in compliance with the National Constitution and reflect our current practices .  They have also proposed a few typographical corrections.

Below you will find links to the proposed changes along with the current provisional documents.  Please review the documents and let us know whether you vote to approve or decline the amendments by e-mail us at  If you have any questions about the documents please contact Michele LeTourneur at

Thanks for your input!



Meta AA Edits